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Tatami bed

  • Magnetic Free

  • Solid laminated beech wood

The Tatami-Bed is the first bed model designed for tatami: designed in 1985, it has now become a classic. Made of solid beech wood, it was also the first fully interlocking metal-free Cinius bed (Magnetic Free). Before the Tatami-Bed, the very concept of a Japanese bed did not exist: tatami mats were laid directly on the floor or on wooden slats!


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Tatami bed

Fully interlocking bed in solid laminated beech wood. Available in raw wood or in various colors. Fully interlocking and metal-free (Magnetic Free). Available custom-made in both height and size. Recommended headboard: “Kibo,” composed of a thin slab of recumbent solid wood that highlights the grain of the beech. If placed close to the wall, it can be combined with the “Futon Headboard,” which is attached to the wall with two brass hooks. “Futon Headboard” is upholstered in pure cotton, removable cover, available in many colors, with or without ideogram. Treated on request with natural impregnating oils. Also available on a tailor-made measure.
  • Traditional assembly
  • Solid wood furniture
  • Assembled furniture
  • Designed to last

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per materasso da 90×200 (non compreso)

per materasso da 140×200 (non compreso)

per materasso da 160×200 (non compreso)

per materasso da 180×200 (non compreso)

per materasso da 210×200 (non compreso)

per materasso da 240×200 (non compreso)

per materasso da 140×200 (non compreso)

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