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YEN-E Bunk bed

The YEN-E bunk bed mounts a frame made of solid beech wood.

Customizable in size and color, it boasts a variety of accessories including the ladder or cube ladder.

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YEN-E Bunk bed

When you have little space, any expedient can prove crucial to give your dwelling place a more comfortable look and improve its organization. Especially with regard to children’s bedrooms and studies, it often happens that space is rather sacrificed. We therefore need solutions that can guarantee a maximization of the available space, that integrate different needs in unique and ergonomic furnishing accessories. For bunk beds we recommend the tatami(see): its texture allows the mattress to be laid directly on top of it. The quality of the wood used is high, and there is a choice of many different colors to suit the specific needs of customers. Cinius also guarantees the ability to customize the complement tailored to the specific needs of your home. This space-saving solution is extremely practical and versatile, adequate to meet many different needs. This type of furnishing accessory can be comfortably employed in a small-sized bedroom intended for children. Models with different aesthetic solutions are available, but the design always remains extremely refined, modern and clean. There are also convenient drawers inside the structure that are perfect for storing toys, books, linens…in short, anything you want.


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