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Shiatsu futon with carrying bag – various sizes

Shiatsu Futon Mattress with Carrying Bag
Sizes: various
(travel futon)

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Shiatsu futon with carrying bag – various sizes

Shiatsu Futon mattress is made of 100% cotton, arranged in flakes and not flakes, about 4 -5cm high (with use it reduces to about 2-3cm). Specially designed for Shiatsu massage practitioners, it can also be used as a comfortable mattress for sleeping on Tatami mats, meditation or yoga practice when needed. Easy to stow once rolled up takes very little space. Futon maintenance The futon is a non-removable mattress, so stains should be treated with stain removers. Do not use water or damp rags, as the cotton padding contains particles of leaves that, if wet, could dye the fabric. It is a good hygiene rule to vacuum periodically on the futon. The futon should be shot often in the first months of use, to allow a uniform flattening of the cotton. In particularly humid periods, the natural humidity emitted by our body is added to the environmental one: it is advisable to leave the windows open and, if possible, place the mattress so that it takes air on both sides. If the futon rests on tatami, it is essential to avoid the accumulation of moisture between them: it is advisable to leave the mattress rolled up or collected periodically, especially in wet periods.

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