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SPAZIOBED® with bedroom

  • Available in unfinished wood or various colors

  • Treated on request with natural impregnating oils

  • Also available on a made-to-measure basis


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SPAZIOBED® with bedroom

SpazioBed space-saving beds are storage beds according to Cinius: a tall solid beech wood frame that conceals a large space-saving compartment underneath. The SpazioBed with bedroom not only exceeds the classic height of standard storage beds, but actually reclaims a room in the home. We use the under-bed part in a smart and practical way! Shoji sliding doors slide on milled guides using a Japanese technique that provides a dust-proof sealing effect. The SpazioBed bed with bedroom can be placed next to a wall, placed in a corner of the room or recessed into a niche: the project can be customized to the centimeter. The space under the bed can also be fully customized, with drawers, sliding doors, trolleys… The trolleys slide on high-quality one-way wheels (without guides), which is ideal for ceramic or parquet floors that are not too uneven, carpet instead does not facilitate the sliding of the wheels. If the floor is very uneven, extra wheels can be provided to compensate for unevenness. Wooden panels are always provided on the sides of each trolley to act as guides in sliding. The standard handle is wooden with a trapezoidal shape to make it easier to grip The depth of the carts should be decided by taking into consideration the clearance in front of the carts to pull them out. The standard maximum depth of trolleys is 140 cm, but trolleys under 90 cm are suggested (trolleys deeper than 90 cm are in fact heavy when filled with clothing, thus more difficult to pull out). Once the trolleys are pulled out, it is possible to access the empty space under the bed that can be used to store suitcases and other bulky items such as pillows, rugs, air mattresses, shiatsu mattresses, etc. The inner shell of the drawers is made of birch plywood, ideal for stability, while the front and outer shell are made of solid laminated beech wood. The handles can be: narrow central / wide central / wide central / wide with a high edge, they are made of wood with a special shape that makes them easy to grip.

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